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ams inteligente
Moving towards smart AMS: how your IT department can add value to your business

Changes in technology are a decisive factor in driving business growth, but they always come with a series of obligations. IT departments have to do more than merely provide services; […]

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leap transformacion digital
NTT DATA and SAP: dedicated to driving large companies’ transformations through the LEAP initiative

At large companies, applying new digital processes, and transforming legacy systems that are hindering growth, are complex processes. Nonetheless, doing so is essential for companies that want to remain competitive. […]

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sap la empresa inteligente
Steps to becoming a smart company: how to transform your company and make data the pillar of its strategy

Data-driven organisations: the path to becoming a smart company The most successful organisations know how to adapt to changing circumstances and make the most of the power of data. Accurately […]

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NTT DATA Smart Shipments
SAP highlights NTT DATA Digital Supply Chain Insurance in its 2022 SAP Innovation Awards

Leonor Gómez Muñoz, Director, NTT DATA Clàudia Pascual Zaragoza, Senior Manager, NTT DATA Each year, the SAP Innovation Awards recognise companies that have developed a revolutionary product within their respective […]

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rise with sap
How RISE with SAP accelerates progress and future-proofs your business

Innovation is now a regular occurrence, challenging both small businesses and world-leading organizations to improve their performance with technology that offers higher capabilities. With rapid change as the new normal, […]

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FCC’s BW 4/HANA Journey with NTT DATA

Companies and organizations working with multiple operators and across multiple geographies in a digitalized environment know that large-scale change can be complex and challenging. Epson  FCC is one of them. […]

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Conquering the 2022 SAP Innovation Awards with automated energy infrastructure inspection

The SAP Innovation Awards recognize the contributions of innovative organisations which achieve unprecedented accomplishments using SAP’s groundbreaking capabilities. The awards recognise companies that leverage those capabilities to disrupt industries and […]

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qualtrics experiencia cliente
The technology behind hyper-personalization: how to maximize customer experience

Did you know that  bad experiences currently cost global businesses around $4.7 trillion in consumer spending annually? Considering that switching from one brand to another has never been easier, customer […]

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Strategic workforce planning: How to optimise labour costs and streamline scheduling

Many people think that workforce planning is expensive in terms of both time and money. In the past, companies had to carry out these plans manually, with little to no […]

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The need for a digitalised supply chain

Romain Cical, our Industry Senior Manager at NTT DATA Europe & LATAM, explains how to manage the new opportunities generated by digitalising the supply chain. Challenges such as technology demand […]

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