SAP IBP Implementation

The SAP IBP solution brings together all the technology required to oversee comprehensive supply chain management and planning. Whether you have other SAP components in your environment or not, NTT DATA will guide you throughout the design, implementation and maintenance of the solution. We make sure your business continues running as normal by mitigating the impact of risks and alterations.

Native integration with different modules and solutions

SAP IBP caters for native integration with other modules and solutions, with which we can enhance its capabilities. By using advanced technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can set up simulations and scenario comparisons, as well as alerts and other options that will help you stay ahead of the curve and improve your response capabilities.

At NTT DATA, we provide our customers with a flexible planning scenario in order to deploy the project as efficiently and effectively as possible. We adapt to your needs and give you the option of implementing the suite module by module, or adjusting it according to your requirements at any given time.

Improve your organisation’s sustainability

Does my plan ensure our company is environmentally friendly? Are my suppliers or my goods procurement supply plan sustainable? What would the impact be on my carbon footprint if I were to switch supplier or change the region I purchase from? The implementation of SAP IBP will allow any organisation to find the answers to these types of questions and even devise solutions to improve their current circumstances.

In order to do so, you will have to include sustainability as an element of your strategic planning and set specific KPIs to help you understand whether your objectives are being met. This will also help to align different areas of the organisation, including sales, marketing, finance, operations, production, logistics, distribution, etc., to ensure they are all working together in pursuit of the company’s sustainability goals.

SAP IBP makes it possible to acquire a range of deployment scenarios, giving you an insight, for example, into the carbon footprint impact of buying raw materials from a certain supplier or manufacturing in a specific region. This will help decision-making during supply-chain planning, as you will be able to visualise how the execution of the supply plan is going, its impact and whether it’s meeting established corporate KPIs.

Improve supply-chain planning and management with SAP IBP and NTT DATA

NTT DATA is a consulting firm specialised in SAP solution implementation. We have an extensive team of highly trained professionals and a broad technological base.

We are familiar with the challenges and issues faced by supply-chain-related departments in the implementation of solutions like SAP IBP. That’s why we are both flexible and efficient throughout the deployment of the solution, getting our customers working and seeing results quickly.

We provide an end-to-end vision for each and every one of our projects. From conception of the model, including organisational, technological and operational aspects, setting KPIs, through to the deployment and subsequent maintenance and monitoring of the solution, we ensure everything is implemented to perfection so objectives are met and customers benefit from the added value delivered.

Whether you make use of a SAP environment or one of your own, we’re more than happy to advise and guide you through any type of project.

Get in touch now and we’ll help you manage your supply chain to ensure you’re in prime position to deal with both current and future challenges.

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