SAP Ariba offers a suite of market-leading solutions for the digitalization and management of expenses of any nature in companies. It covers all the processes end-to-end that a Purchasing Department needs to add value to its company, through a single, integrated platform in the cloud.

SAP Ariba Solutions

SAP Ariba solutions are the best option to consolidate and control all your company's expenses, from source to payment. Like any cloud application, they allow access from any device, are easily scalable, improve maintenance cost savings and offer always up-to-date technology. Furthermore, it is a solution based on best practices that facilitates the achievement of excellence in procurement processes.

But if we want a true transformation of the purchasing area, it is necessary to carry out an in-depth study of its needs in order to create a strategy that helps to successfully tackle the digital transformation. At NTT DATA we listen to our clients and advise them to ensure that the Purchasing Department obtains a response to their needs. We implement the modules or solutions that it really needs to make its work more efficient and effective, as well as to achieve sustainable savings in its procurement operations. For this, we have a capacity area, oneProcurement, with extensive experience in strategy, digitization and operation in the purchasing function.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Digitalization of negotiations with suppliers

The solution for the digitization of the negotiation with suppliers covers the entire process cycle, from the detection of a need in the company that has not been previously supplied, to the negotiation with third parties and the closing of the contract with suppliers of goods and services.

Supplier Lifecycle Management

The SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance solution provides comprehensive tools to better manage suppliers from one place. It is possible to consult and manage in an agile way all the information regarding suppliers: qualification, approval, solvency, compliance with different standards such as sustainability, or registering their approvals, among other parameters.

It allows you to perform risk analysis based on the nature of your commitment to the supplier, as well as carry out a performance management of the agreements. In addition, it makes it possible to know the risk KPIs and the clauses of the signed contract at all times, in order to carry out periodic reviews and, if necessary, demand compliance with the agreement.

Operational procurement solutions

SAP Ariba has solutions that respond to the needs of the purchasing department to formalize any demand for the supply of materials, both direct and indirect, and for services.

  • Indirect purchases. They are expenses that are not part of the company's core. SAP Ariba offers cloud solutions like SAP Ariba Buying & Ariba Guided Buying.
  • Direct purchases. SAP Ariba has a module: SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration, that covers this type of recurring purchases and it is easily integrated with any SAP or third-party ERP.

Collaborative purchase

SAP Ariba provides a supplier portal, SAP Business Network, through which it is possible to electronically issue any transaction to a supplier at all levels: approval, order response, invoice management, risk management, etc. This allows obtaining great advantages such as the reduction of administrative costs or the digitization of practically the entire purchasing process.

In addition, it allows the supplier to be involved in the company's supply chain through the ERP. This facilitates control over any transaction related to the contracted services or materials, thus improving compliance rates.

Automatic invoice management

The solution for managing electronic invoices is capable of significantly reducing posting times and administrative costs for the Accounts Payable Department.

Thanks to intelligent invoicing, the department can create business rules so that invoices are automatically settled, improving workflow and eliminating errors or exceptions, since they directly alert the provider when they try to enter an incorrect invoice.

All invoices are created directly in PDF, eliminating the need for paper and guaranteeing regulatory compliance in practically all countries.

Management of discounts for prompt payment

The solution of discounts for prompt payment of invoices allows speeding up the terms to pay to approved suppliers in exchange for receiving an agreed discount on the amount invoiced as a benefit.

Do you need a SAP environment?

Whether the company already has an SAP environment or its own, it can implement any SAP Ariba module, everything will depend on the needs of the Purchasing Department.

Having an installed base in a SAP ERP will reduce implementation times and facilitate the integration of the modules.

But if the Purchasing Department only needs to manage a certain type of expense, with any ERP - from SAP or third-parties - it is possible to do it, as well as use SAP Ariba simply to conceptualize purchase request catalogs for your employees and to communicate with providers.

Evolve your purchasing area with SAP Ariba and NTT DATA

At NTT DATA we have a specialized unit in SAP Ariba, oneProcurement, made up of a multidisciplinary team of procurement experts, digitization experts, environmental technicians, etc. who will advise and support you throughout the digital transformation process: from the elaboration of the strategy of your purchasing department, the selection of the solution and the procurement board, to the development and implementation of the solution and its subsequent accompaniment .

At oneProcurement we have created our own methodology for the implementation of SAP Ariba, developed on the basis of the best practices, experiences and previous, strategic and operational models of NTT DATA. Proven and designed to reduce and mitigate risks, we are capable of implementing the solution in less time than even the manufacturer recommends, guaranteeing the success of the project.

At NTT Data you will find your partner for your SAP Ariba project. We will help you make the best decision about what you really need for your Purchasing Department.


To do this, we analyze the purchasing area in depth until we fully understand their concerns, what they want to achieve, what their criteria or KPIs (indicators) are, to create their business case and show them the best solution for their needs. We detect activities that do not add value to the department in order to outsource them and dedicate resources to tasks that truly generate value. In addition, we collaborate in the preparation of the company's risk and sustainability strategy.

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