Implementing SAP Business Network

At NTT DATA, we believe that the SAP Business Network solution is the best way to bring together and enrich the company's full range of collaborations across all their business lines using a single platform. This comprehensive, cloud-based system helps you carry out projects and boost business opportunities across every area of your company, without ever losing control of the collaborative nature of your end-to-end processes with buyers and commercial partners.

With the exception of more complex projects for larger enterprises, implementation takes just a matter of weeks, as it tends to be a fairly standardised process focused on best practices. The preconfigured solution can be functional on the customer's system from the first week of implementation. This means the standard workflow is visible and allows the necessary adjustments to be made to meet the customer's needs.

Does it require a SAP environment?

Although it's not essential, we recommend having an SAP environment to implement the SAP Business Network. Having a solid base installed on an SAP ERP will cut down on implementation times, facilitate module integration, and reduce any integration development and maintenance costs.

Strategic procurement solutions such as tendering, contract management, and vendor management do not depend on an ERP, making their integration with third-party systems more straightforward. However, operational procurement, logistics, and asset management solutions often do require the use of an ERP, making it advantageous to use a backend SAP ERP.

SAP Business Network Solutions

SAP Business Network offers a range of solutions to manage all kinds of areas related to the supply chain:


The unique, cloud-based platform covers the entire end-to-end procurement process from detecting needs to invoicing. This brings huge value to your company by facilitating collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

Supply Chain

Permits collaboration within the commercial partner ecosystem, including multi-tier, direct material suppliers, outsourcing manufacturing, packaging, dispatchers, transport, and third-party logistics. Businesses can collaborate in forecasting and planning, order management, and processes related to inventory and quality control.


Enables in-depth management of logistics operations by facilitating optimised transportation collaboration; a comprehensive overview of goods in transit through predictive analytics; traceability of raw materials, components, and finished products; and secure and transparent sharing of business documents across the entire network.

Asset Intelligence Network

Focused on collaborative asset management and maintenance. Gives businesses the option of creating a database containing all the information, as well as the ability to share data and documents between the different parties involved in the asset lifecycle: operators, manufacturers, service providers, asset owners, etc.


Companies will enjoy a whole host of benefits by signing up to the SAP Business Network:

Use of the latest digital management data

held by devices' OEM to streamline maintenance, reduce downtime, and foster enhanced usability.

Configure commercial rules on the network

to expedite matching and validation of documents, monitor price setting, measure fulfillment or performance of the contract, or optimise payment conditions.

SAP Business Network takes collaboration to the next level

The SAP Business Network platform is nurtured and maintained using the data provided by companies in procurement, logistics, supply and asset management. This means the more companies that join the network, the richer and more efficient the collaboration becomes. In turn, this enhances the possibilities of interacting with suppliers and stakeholders in the company’s day-to-day operations.

NTT DATA is about more than just technology

We offer an end-to-end service involving every department at NTT DATA. We work together to provide the best possible, comprehensive solution to our customers’ needs, without splitting their business processes.

We undertake a joint storytelling process, inspired by the transformation clients wish to implement, and their relationship with their collaborators, in order to find a unique, coherent discourse from the initial plan and design, through to implementation and subsequent maintenance.

At NTT DATA, we’re about more than just technology – we don’t focus solely on configuring SAP, we’re about transforming businesses. We provide our customers with strategic consulting services, applications, operations and infrastructures to help them overcome challenges both today and in the future.

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