SAP SuccessFactors Implementation

SAP SuccessFactors solutions bring together all the technology needed to carry out a complete human capital management of your organization. It does not matter if you have other SAP components already installed in your environment or not, from NTT DATA we advise and accompany you during the design, implementation and maintenance phases, so that you get a human resources management software that covers all your organization’s needs.

SAP SuccessFactors offers you

Modules available according to the HR department's strategy

If you have decided to implement a transformation strategy in your human resources department, SAP SuccessFactors offers you different modules or levels with which you can cover the needs and manage all aspects related to the management of the workforce of your organization.

Base Capabilities Core HR

Modules focused on covering and strengthening the core capabilities of the HR department.

Employee Central

With the most powerful capabilities for organizational management and employee master.

Payroll and time management

SuccessFactors offers SAP payroll solution, a benchmark in the market, or the possibility of connecting with other payroll systems. For time management, the cycle is also complete, either through absence control (time off), presence control (time tracking or workforce time & attendance) or operational planning (workforce planning).

Talent war

Modules focused on improving the management of the company's human talent.

Recruitment and onboarding

Complete coverage of the process of incorporating talent into the company, including comprehensive branding management and candidate attraction capabilities; their publication in the main job portals; complete process management, and even the initial accompaniment.


It allows managing talent from the achievement of objectives and skill growth of employees, providing solutions for succession planning and career development.


Key point to manage the economic impact with fixed and variable remuneration.


It includes learning management and the virtual platform with MOOCs (massive and open online courses) and the main training styles.

Employee experience

Modules focused on covering and improving the employee experience.

Integrated with Qualtrics

It allows to obtain feedback from employees and collect strategic information through surveys, either on demand or during the employee's life cycle, and adapted to each moment. Integrating this experience feedback with the operational data provided by SuccessFactors, allows an analysis of situation and decision-making to define KPI's at an advanced level of detail. Providing dashboards for objective and predictive decision making.

SAP Success Factors deployment

Module-by-module deployment

SAP SuccessFactors offers the possibility to implement the suite module-by-module. At NTT DATA, we offer our customers a flexible planning scenario to manage different module deployment dates.

We always work in parallel with the human resources department so that the application implementation and maintenance plan is carried out successfully, providing hypercare support after the completion of each module.

In large transformation projects, we adapt to the real need of the business, providing and implementing each module according to the predefined dates for each process. For these large-scale projects, we also offer the possibility of having a Project Management Office (PMO), since it provides a global vision of the technological platform and the client's processes, avoiding incidents and seeking synergies throughout the process

Easy integration with other applications and environments

NTT DATA is a leader in the implementation of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), a cloud-based platform that allows you to integrate any SAP SuccessFactors module with other existing applications or tools through extension, integration and development and innovation scenarios.

In addition, SAP has a solid ecosystem of modules and satellite applications that allow to increase the functionalities of SAP SuccessFactors, as well as take advantage of the latest innovations in different areas such as finance, training, travel, etc.

Accelerate performance

If you are looking for speed in the results, SAP SuccessFactors has certain fast routes that include content and templates for different processes, workflows, situations and groups that allow you to have the tool working, according to best practices, in a very short time.

Continuous Improvement Plan

NTT DATA offers its customers a Continuous Improvement Plan as a specific formula to support cloud technology deployments. We offer our customers the possibility of obtaining the maximum performance of the tool continuously, so that they achieve greater satisfaction not only with the technology.

Leave the processes in our hands

Many companies decide to rely on third parties to manage processes as basic as payroll. From NTT DATA we offer these services in collaboration with your current SAP Payroll or we give you the opportunity to switch to this payroll software.

Improve your company's human capital management with SAP SuccessFactors and NTT DATA

We are a consulting firm specialized in the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors solutions. We understand the casuistry and problems of human resources departments and we work to give the best solution to your needs. We have a great team of highly trained professionals with a broad technological base.

Whether you already have an SAP environment or your company has developed its own PR, we assist and accompany you in any type of project. From the most basic and standard implementation, which allows you to have the tool in a short time, to an ad hoc implementation, adjusting the processes, taking into account the parameterization of each of the modules and complementing with other tools.

If you have this or a similar need, no matter how many countries you have a presence in or what type of business you have, contact us and we will help you start your path to transformation.

SAP SuccessFactors solutions are used by more than 200  million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, in companies of all industries and sizes.


November 23th 2021

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