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Track and improve your financial KPIs with SAP S/4HANA

We all agree with Peter F. Drucker that, what is not defined, cannot be measured and therefore, cannot be improved. Discover in this report the most relevant KPIs in the […]

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NTT DATA, entre las empresas mejor preparadas en retos y aplicaciones SAP según Gartner
NTT DATA, one of the best prepared companies in SAP applications and challenges, according to Gartner

In its report, Gartner considers NTT DATA and, as such, NTT DATA, to not only be “challengers” in addressing the technological trials of the future but more importantly, potential leaders […]

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Optimise your S/4HANA migration by enacting preparatory projects

With the natural adoption of Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, and more, that SAP S/4HANA offers, businesses are increasingly moving away from ERP to digitally transform their companies with S/4HANA. However, […]

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Readiness Assessment—a personalised roadmap for the implementation of S/4HANA

We provide our clients with support and advice to identify their optimal action roadmap.  The Readiness Assessment package was created for this purpose, a SAP-certified pack that enables companies to […]

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LACE, la nueva metodología que prima al cliente
LACE: the new customer-first methodology

One of SAP’s latest innovations is the LACE customer-first methodology, which aligns fully with NTT DATA’s customer-centric values. Based on the concepts of Land, Adopt, Consume and Expand, this iterative […]

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Payroll on the cloud: a step forward in managing HR departments

Improved processes, increased flexibility and enhanced user experience are just a few of the reasons why many companies’ human resources departments are beginning to opt for software solutions like cloud-based […]

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Industry 4.0, a success story

Industry 4.0 has laid the foundations for innovation across manufacturing processes, and its deployment is only speeding up as integrated business processes and smart technologies converge. These are increasingly relevant […]

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Make your S/4HANA migration as efficient as possible with these two tools

Preparing to implement or migrate to SAP S/4HANA can seem like a daunting task. Whether using a Brownfield, a Selective Data Transition or a Greenfield approach, the process is a […]

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Is your business ready for S/4HANA? Here’s what you need to consider when making the move
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RISE with SAP—one step closer to becoming a Smart Business

The deadline for adopting S/4HANA coupled with the impact of the pandemic have not created the most favourable conditions for organisations. In this challenging context, business decisions that push organisations […]

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