Managing the Entire Lifecycle

High-quality, reliable inputs from business processes helps make better decisions. This is what differentiates an intelligent company from a traditional one.

Data has its lifecycle, which spans from its generation and capture to its consumption, all governed and orchestrated by a series of solutions aimed at ensuring its quality. SAP supports companies throughout this journey.

At NTT DATA, we divide lifecycle management into three major blocks


SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)

MDG provides companies with a central repository to manage all quality standards. This facilitates the task of implementing these rules, a process carried out using predefined master data models. Additionally, being part of SAP, its configuration is quick and easy, without the need for complex developments or numerous steps. It covers both information consolidation and its quality and central governance.

SAP Datasphere

This solution helps eliminate dependency on different sources and then disposes and integrates it into a single repository. Additionally, it allows the development of an enterprise data fabric architecture that facilitates quick access to important information while maintaining both the context and business logic intact. Finally, it offers scalable access and a unified management experience. This includes integration, cataloging, semantic modeling, storage, federation, and virtualization.

SAP Analytics Cloud

This is a simple drag-and-drop solution that connects directly to SAP and is designed to be used by end-users without needing extensive technical knowledge. It offers real-time insights and can be accessed from various devices. Being cloud-based, it eliminates the need to replicate this information in different locations.


When implementing these SAP solutions that cover the entire data lifecycle and help turn the company into an intelligent, data-driven enterprise, it is important to be accompanied by a partner who can guide you through the entire process. At NTT DATA, our experience in implementations for large clients has provided us with extensive knowledge of the best market practices.

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