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Once the implementation of the new S/4HANA has been carried out, the (R)evolution process continues. How? The organizations can continue to innovate by taking advantage of all the facilities of the path they have started, such as agility, speed and flexibility. Along these lines, the concept of the intelligent company begins to take shape and it is time to take advantage of the tools that it offers as well as the experiences of NTT DATA to digitise and make your business processes even more efficient. This can be achieved with the use of technologies such as Machine Learning or the robotisation through SAP Intelligent RPA, IoT or Blockchain either with S/4HANA's own capabilities or with those provided by the Business Technology Platform (BTP). Also expanding S4/HANA's base functionalities with specialist cloud-native products, such as Ariba for purchasing or SuccessFactors for talent management.

But it does not end here. SAP can also support your company's projection into the future with upgrades to new versions of S/4HANA, with the implementation of previously unaddressed functionalities or with the intensification of the use of Fiori for a better user experience and to take advantage of the benefits of mobility.

In this third phase of the process, we still stand by your side. From our S4 Expert Center, we continue to accompany our customers, informing them through newsletters, of the main new features of each version and communicating the uses and benefits of the new technologies related to the intelligent company.

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At NTT DATA we generate solutions and products based on SAP technology, relying on other exponential technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Analytics and Cloud. All with a clear objective: to get the most out of the SAP solutions, accelerating the processes of each company.

This tool addresses the challenges of managing people in organisations. Not only can employees carry out all kinds of procedures from anywhere and digitally, but they are also updated and have the information they need at their disposal in a collaborative environment. Emplepic helps human resources areas to create strong and lasting relationships with their professionals through a deeper understanding of their preferences and motivations and also increases the sense of belonging.

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This tool helps companies in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and is based on three pillars: CSR project management; automation for information gathering; and collaboration and transparency. Umbiombu combines strategy, commitment, accurate and secure information, as well as the operational monitoring needed to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

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This cloud-based solution consolidates the information required for both the employee compliance controls and the regulatory regimes. Aimed at the Compliance and HR areas, Regilink provides a holistic view of the compliance data, the internal control of the general regulatory requirements obtained from the internal systems and the employee data. Request management, risk assessment or incident control are among its main advantages.

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Thanks to this accelerator it is possible to carry out on-premise payroll migrations to the cloud quickly and risk-free. The migration is executed without losing the current and historical data, or the developments or the functionality of its source system. In addition, the Success Factors'-ECP functionalities are expanded and improved with advanced tools focused on facilitating the payroll management and analysis.

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Aimed at any kind of organisation in any sector (public or private), it is a universal file processor based on SAP S/4HANA that adapts to both business needs and any technological platform. Among its benefits we can highlight comprehensive processing from a single point, the web interface, the elimination of replicas and data redundancies or the automation of documents and information exchange.

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