Agility, governance and security

This platform’s greatest advantages are how quickly it can create connected and personalised experiences across all business processes, and to accelerate innovation and value creation. It offers modular and scalable solutions with different coding levels. These simplify the work of developers and allow users to automate tasks and workflows or to create their own interfaces. Moreover, it incorporates artificial intelligence and comes with preconfigured models specifically designed for different sectors and lines of business, which can be easily adapted to any company’s needs.

SAP BTP offers a secure environment for cloud-based work by guaranteeing governance and compliance. This makes it possible to comply with the strictest service level agreements and privacy regulations regardless of the cloud services provider being used, whether Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Alibaba Cloud.

SAP BTP modules

The SAP BTP platform is based on five distinct modules:

Development and extensibility

Developing in-house applications has become a decisive factor in the success of digital transformation, having a real impact on results. The SAP BTP App Development module has three code levels: low-code, pro-code, and collaborative portals and apps. In terms of the first of these levels, the SAP Build tool makes it possible to create custom applications without any programming knowledge, via a highly visual interface offering drag-and-drop options that simplify the entire process. The second level offers different pro-code technologies intended for programmers. All of these are included in a unified experience called SAP Business Application Studio. Lastly, the third level is dedicated to the deployment of developed applications in a single, intuitive environment. This is SAP Digital Experience, which consists of centralised publishing portals that ease and improve the user experience.


Many critical company processes run on SAP. Thanks to the capabilities of SAP BTP, it’s now possible to automate many routine and predictable tasks in order to reduce execution time, eliminate errors and free up human capital to perform more impactful work. The SAP Build Process Automation module offers simple drag-and-drop functionalities to manage workflows. With it, you can create business rules and build robotic process automation (RPA) flows integrated with the AI capabilities also offered by the platform. However, its primary advantage is that it comes with a large number of preconfigured options that require minimal adaptations. Just like the development module, it has a centralised publishing level that promotes usability.


As a part of SAP BTP, Integration Suite offers an enterprise-level platform in which applications, human resources, data and processes can be integrated, both within and outside of the SAP environment. It also comes with the facility to exchange messages with internal and external systems. Offering API management as well as A2A, B2B/B2G and IoT support, it includes preconfigured packages that follow SAP best practices and facilitate users’ work. It can work with all open standards and permits the management and connection of SAP and third-party APIs in all environments, whether cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid. It also comes with an API life-cycle management system and provides access to SAP API Business Hub, a marketplace for various APIs, integrations and ready-to-use standard events to support end-to-end processes.

Data and analytics

SAP BTP offers a broad range of data management capabilities that facilitate governance, cataloguing and access control. Its cloud-based open architecture makes it possible to make the most of data, including data in the SAP environment and that hosted on third-party applications. Its database as a service model offers storage options, multi-model engines, integrated machine learning, data federation and development tools. In doing so, it greatly simplifies information management, with channelling tools, real-time transformation, data preparation, metadata self-service modelling and master data management. Furthermore, it has predictive and business intelligence capabilities.

Artificial intelligence

The latest advances in AI and machine learning are making it possible to optimise processes, maximise resources and foster innovation using a combination of intelligent technologies, services and industry experience. The SAP BTP AI module contains four pre-trained modules for S/4HANA workflows. It can extrapolate company data to design personalised applications that are suitable for every company’s needs and uses. Moreover, it’s also possible to create or add other modules that can be trained using the tools offered by the platform in order to create an intelligent ecosystem.

To summarise, SAP Business Technology Platform is the technological cornerstone providing access to SAP’s modular solutions for application development, integration, data management and analysis, automation and artificial intelligence. It offers scalable, cloud-based tools that streamline innovation and simplify the creation of personalised applications. Its unified and highly user-friendly environment provide a flexible and intuitive user experience that improves the flow of business processes.

Flexible implementation with NTT DATA

NTT DATA works with its own in-house methodologies and solutions approved by SAP, allowing you to make the most of SAP BTP. As a SAP Global Strategic Partner and a SAP Platinum Partner, we will help you implement the platform following a strategic approach that minimises risk. We are well aware that during the adoption process, the focus shouldn’t be on the technology itself but on your priorities and business objectives. For this reason, our team of more than 19,000 specialists can help you make the most of the capabilities and extensibility offered by the platform.

Whether you’re already using a SAP environment or your own in-house environment, NTT DATA will collaborate with you to design a flexible platform integration schedule so that you can maximise its effectiveness and efficiency. We will study your organisation’s specific use case, determine your particular needs and advise you during the entire implantation process, from model design to solution deployment and subsequent maintenance.

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